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Everything you need for eco-friendly gift wrapping - on one site. 

Life after sellotape is good!

Why Choose Us?

Good question.  Here's why.

I want to make it easy to cut out pointless plastic for gift wrapping so..

1. I've sourced great eco-friendly products with value, maximum environmental gain and sustainability in mind...and put them all on one site!

2. Orders are sent to you using my own eco-friendly products and of course, PLASTIC FREE!

3. Education is key so I promote and share good eco-news (See Twitter) to help build an army of positive and creative, informed plastic users/non-users for the future.

I am really pleased with my paper tapes.  They are an alternative to sellotape for present wrapping, from a great little website (UK based) I came across recently called ‘naturally wrapt’. 🎁 They are paper based washi/ masking tapes. They come packaged plastic free and shipping is very reasonable. Also, they are so pretty! 


Katherine T

About Us

Hi there!

Goodbye plastic.

NO...OOOO!   That was the moment I realised that plastic sticky tape was a single-use plastic.   

Even the joyful act of giving had turned into an eco-UN-friendly act!  

So I decided to re-think my wrapping habits and stick plastic tape where it belongs... the back of the cupboard for desperate emergencies only!  And then, purely for my own amusement, I renamed it EMERGENCY tape!

Switching to plastic free gift wrapping is comparatively easy but eco-friendly products were scattered across the web and delivery charges mounted.  

So here we are. A simple, affordable, plastic free selection of wrapping materials - all in one place.  With one delivery charge.

Plastic tape - you know where to stick it!